Late Nite Love

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Late Nite Love

Her name was "Cianocita"(spanish for bloosom),i nicknamed her that becuase she was my flower of life. She and i met about seven months ago and the sexual chemistry was there!!. I fell in love with her,becuase of the way she treated me.She was my queen!She knew what and when to say things and she knew the perfect way to make me feel like her baby,she changed my life tremendously.

She has a few years on me but that didnt change the way we felt about each other. From our first kiss to our first form of /foreplay/">foreplay this girl had my hormones sky rocketing!!My parents knew about my lifestyle but boy they did not like it and that kinda took a toll on our relationship.We decided to break up but still remain friends and i rather have her in that way than not have her at all.
Tonite was one of those nites that i need to feel her body against mine, to taste her and feel her /pussy/sweet-pussy/">sweet pussy around my fingers, i need my baby!!!i need the love of my life!!!.At a quarter to tweleve my /mom/">mom switched her bedroom light off and before i knew it i was slowly turning the door knob heading on my late nite mission.

When we got back to her place and i watched her remover her skirt and shirt to reveal a silk lepoard printed nite gown boy did it cling to all the right place,i cud feel the sudden sensation between my legs and i hadnt felt that way in a really long time. she walked over to where lay and climbed rite beside me and asked if iwas ok.We joked around in simple chat but we both knew our goal and we didnt bother to run from that.She asked if i was comfortable but i didnt btoher to answer her, i took her face in to my hand and stared deep in to her brown eyes kissed her ever so gently on those lips i had grown to love. I cud feel her shaking beneath my touch as i begin to feel her breast in the palm of my hand. I slowly begin to kiss her neck gently biting in all the right spots, listening at the soft moans that begin to escape her mouth.We didnt want the bed to creak so we took or love session to the floor and i turned the music up to a considerable level and assumed my awaited task.

I laid her down softly onto the pillows takin one last lingering look in to her eyes and began to raise her nite gown above her navel and finally over her head. It was now or never i thought to myself and i knew it was about to be now.I began kissing her breast searching for her nipples with my tounge and when i found them another moan escaped. I was about to make her mine,everypart of her body would now surrender to me. she was my woman, my lover and my friend.i made my decent down her stomach and kissed her all over then i headed even further down south to her crown land.

I began to lick along her panty line feeling ever shiver that she emitted boy oh boy i knew she was feeling it. i began to tease her /sweet/">sweet pussy and ended up teaseing myself cuse i wanted her /bad/">bad. I began to lick her inner thighs from top to bottom and then graze over her pussy to the next side. After i thought she was wet enough i began to eat her through her panty pressing hard on to her clit with my teeth makin sure she jolted when i left.

Her sweet aroma sent me wild...damn i needed to taste her full hd xvideo download sweet necture! I pushed her panty to the side with my tounge and i began to lick her from top to bottom and bottom to top. With every lick i cud feel her body tremble i knew how and where to lick her...she was mine for even just a nite..I knew what would make her cum but i wanted to prolong this session as long as i cud...i continued to lick her pussy pushing my tounge deeper and deeper into her pussy and i cud feel her walls tighten on my tounge and her sweet juices plaster my face.. She tasted to GOOD i had to have more!!

i wanted her to cum for me to become weakened to my touch and lick i wanted her pussy to free itself and i be the vessel the fluids fall into..So i begin to lick her swollen clit, just the way she liked it.

"Lick it like ice-cream baby"..."Oh yes /papi/">papi"..she screamed...
"Fuck it this pussy."lick it like its yours baby!!"
"Eat this pussy up!!!""Make me cum baby make this /pussy/pussy-cum/">pussy cum!!!""

...i cudnt take it anymore i need to taste her i need to release her....i licked and licked as hard and i free porn movies download cud and as long as i possible cud without coming up for air,,, on my last stroke her body shaked uncontrollably her moans turned into a scream and before she released i stuck two of my fingers in to her swollen and slippery pussy and let her cum even harder on my fingers!!! tears began to fall from her face i dried them with my free hand kissed her once again so she might taste the sweet juice that i have been whipped by and whispered to her I will always love you and held her into my arms until it was time for me to creep back in my door and into my bed after wonderful Late Nite AMOR!!!