The delivery man

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The delivery man

He rings the doorbell. That my cue to get into the closet...Excited for the show I’ve wanted to see for months. You’re just as excited as I am aren’t you? You nervously shiver for what is in store tonight. You've been wanting this as much as I have don’t you?

You open the door in your robe with nothing-on underneath. You let your robe open slightly to show him a little of your beautiful body. He tells you ’Do you want to fuck a /cock/big-cock/">big cock tonight he asks?’ ’Yes’ you respond eagerly. As you hold out your hand and begin to lead him to a bedroom. I am waiting in the closet; excited with thoughts of the show you going to perform for me tonight.

As you lead him up the stairs you let your robe come undone. You enter the room and sit on the edge of the bed facing him you spread your legs so he can see how wet you’ve become. He asks you ’do you likes /big/big-cocks/">big cocks’ and all you can say again is ’yes’, He drops his pants to shows you what you've been begging me to have. ’Wow’ his cock is huge you think as you see it for the /first-time/">first time. You reach out to his cock and think to yourself ’ I going to fuck this /cock/huge-cock/">huge cock for my husband’. You put your hands around the large head and start stroking it. All the while I can see you both through the opening in the closet. I am getting excited as you play with its massive head. You have his cock all to yourself and take it into your mouth. You want it as big as it will grow, because you want it big don’t you? It’s not long before you have him nice and hard. When he cant take anymore of your mouth sucking on his cock He pulls it out and lays you on the bed. As you close your eyes he works his way up your body.

You can feel him begin to slowly rub his massive head at the opening of your /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy. You want that cock don’t you Kim. I can barely reframe myself without cumin. With ever push your pussy quivers until he puts several inches into you. You want more don’t you you've been longing for a massive cock. You begin to pull it in your bald pussy inch by inch. You can't wait to feel it all and when you get it all in you say ’I want it deep, please fuck me /fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-hard/">fuck me hard", He begins to put his cock in and out of you slowly at first but working up a pace while you start a slow rhythm to adjust for his massive cock. He spread your legs wide apart so he can really thrust his cock deep inside you. Your breathing turns to moans as he starts thrusting his cock harder and harder into your /pussy/extreme-pussy/extremely-wet-pussy/">extremely wet pussy. Its not long before the thoughts of me in the closet and his massive cock deep in your pussy that you yell out in a loud orgasm "Oh my god I’m cumin" his massive cock makes you cum and cum for what seems like 10 minutes but he is wwwxxx not done is he you can tell by the way his cock twitches that he wants more and before you can recover he rolls on your hands and knees and slides his cock into your orgasm swollen pussy making sure you takes his cock all the way to his balls. You like his huge cock and start to fuck him.

You are still seeking control of this pleasure aren’t you? You want to feel his cock explode deep in your pussy but it isn’t long before his massive cock puts you over the edge again and you cum this time harder than the last He holds his cock still as every muscle in your body quivers with orgasmic spasms. You still want more I think to myself as I just witnessed you cum like never before. My cock is hard as a rock and I am amazed as he lies on his back Cock still rock hard you don’t hesitate the wwwxxx to jump up on his cock this time determined to make him cum. You want to feel him cum no orgasm is complete till you both explode together. You take control from here riding and bucking with abandonment. Out of the corner of your eye you can see me in the dim light watching you fuck his huge cock. You don’t stop you want him to cum you ride that cock feeling it swell you feel it don’t you getting bigger you know you are going to make him cum don’t you. Nothing can stop you.

You feel his cock harden so u go faster and faster until you both yell out ’I’m cumin’ as you bury his cock all the way down until both your body explodes in pleasure. You shiver with delight. I see your glimmering face in the dim light. I know you have just experienced the /orgasm/best-orgasm/">best orgasm of your life.

It has been an hour and he thinks I am on my way home. You lay motionless for a few as his massive cock softens then as he slides his cock out of your still quivering pussy you moan one last time. ’Did you like my cock he asks’ and all you can say is ’yes’ As you look to the closet and smile knowing I just made you cum like never before.

He gathers his things and head out as fast as he arrived.