Brief 4 Finally

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Brief 4 Finally

And I was right? neither of them were ready to talk. They had other things on their mind, things that would have been on MY mind as well, if I had done two things. One, taken stock of the situation and realized how fun it could be; and two, if I had thought of it first. My husband mumbled something about drinks and left the room. My ?lover? (really, really hate that term) leaned over and kissed me. I was in such a state of shock that I let him kiss me until I realized that MY HUSBAND WAS IN THE NEXT ROOM. It was somewhere between erotic and freaky. I pulled away from him, my face flaming red. I mean what kind of balls do I have to be doing this right under my husband?s nose? I looked down at the floor, to get my bearings, when I felt my husband?s very familiar hands span my waist. Great. Just what I need. How am I supposed to get him to stop without making him wonder? His hands slid under my shirt and I felt a moment of shock. Is this MY husband? xxx sex video download free com Staid, boring, shy husband? I turned to him to make him stop.

I mean, even under normal circumstances, this was rude. When I turned my face to him, he kissed me, shocking me further. In about two seconds, I got what many would call insight. I realized that neither man seemed confused or surprised at the other ones presence. Odd. And as the revelation hit me, I felt my lover?s lips on my neck? while I could feel my husbands? lips on my own. As much a /fantasy/">fantasy of mine as this was, I was still afraid to let myself enjoy it. Well, for obvious reasons. I don?t know how many /women/">women out sexxxx video ful hd there have fantasized about a three some between two men, but I have? often.

As much as I was afraid to, I felt myself beginning to enjoy this forbidden pleasure. (Well, wouldn?t you?) I let my head fall back onto my lover?s shoulder and had just let myself really get into it when I heard my husband laugh. (Well, giggle anyway.) Even though I wanted to know what was going on, I wanted what was happening more. I felt my husband move away from me and almost got mad? until I remembered what I was doing.

Even though he had pulled away from me, my lover remained where he was and continued doing what he had been doing. I started to feel really, really guilty about what was going on, so I began to pull away. That?s when my husband finally spoke. ?No, you?re going to stay right there. You think I don?t know what you?ve already done?? He grabbed my wrists, held them over my head, pushed me down onto the couch and commanded me to close my eyes.

COMMANDED ME??? There?s no way! I glared at him for a minute before I realized he was dead serious and obediently shut my eyes. I felt hands at the zipper to my skirt and my eyes flew open? it was my husband and when he saw my eyes open, he glared at me again and stopped what he was doing. He had an expectant look on his face, so I closed my eyes again. Evidently that was the right move, because he started working on it again. My clothes came off pretty quickly once I shut my eyes and before I knew it, I felt hands gently touching me from my head to my toes and back again. I wanted to know what was going on, but I already figured I couldn?t get either man to talk right at that moment, so I gave in and just enjoyed. But when I felt my ?lover? take over, I felt a real fear and tried to push him away.

My husband grabbed my wrists again, held them tightly over my head with one hand and covered my eyes with the other. My lover pulled my thighs apart, ran his hands up my thighs, lifted my hips and SLAMMED himself deep inside me in one smooth, hard, long stroke.

I tried to pull away. Well, I kinda tried. It was more like a half assed attempt. There was a reason I was sleeping with him behind my husband?s back after all. But my husband anchored me to the couch. (Not like it took a whole lot of effort.) Then I felt the two of them turn me over to lay on my stomach, then help me raise up into a doggy style position. I knew what was coming, or at least, I was hoping I did. I had never told my husband about my fantasy, but I had told my lover. He knew in detail what I wanted and it seemed at that point that I was going to get it. My lover slid under me, putting me in the woman superior position, and my husband took his place behind me. I wasn?t sure where it was going to go from here because I had never specified (bluntly) what I wanted out of this threesome. My husband helped guide me onto my lovers very ready and willing cock and then (holy hell, there is a God) guided himself into me as well? very, very slowly. When they both began moving inside me, I thought I was going to faint. The feeling of being THAT full, that completely filled was too much for me and within less than seconds, I started shaking. Feeling this, they both started moving faster, and even though I am sure all three of us wanted to take it slow and make it last, it was over in a matter of minutes. The feeling was just too much to hold out for very long. My husband picked me up and carried me to our bed with my lover following closely behind. Nervous and sated all at once, I fell asleep in the arms of the two most important and loving men in my life.

When I woke up and realized what I had done, I was a little afraid but more excited and anxious to know what happened? what these two men knew that I didn?t know. I felt my husband moving and turned to look at him. I raised my eyebrows at him and he just kinda grinned and held up one finger as if to tell me to wait a little while longer, then he motioned for me to be quiet and follow him. (My lover was still asleep.) I followed him downstairs where we made a pot of coffee and he told me about his business /trip/">trip. Like he had just come home and spent a normal evening. Like there was nothing out of the ordinary going on. WHAT?? I gave him a look that was somewhere between ?haha, very funny? and ?are you serious??? which he politely ignored and told me to go wake up our ?houseguest?. I went upstairs to do as I was told. Guess who was already awake? AND ready for action? but I was just too curious to know what was going on, so I turned down MORE sex and we went downstairs. What I was about to hear would not only blow my mind, but it would change the relationship between my husband and I from that point on.